Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 27 - More Sunshine -- And Headwinds: Kaukauna, WI to Shawano, WI

Another beautiful day. And 48 miles of headwind. A big artic type front is blowing through from the north. It's keeping temps very pleasant, but bringing a pretty steady 15 mph headwind which has us laboring along at about 13 mph when we could otherwise easily avg 17-18 mph. It makes a difference on these 50 and 60 mile days. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

We're bound for Crandon, WI tomorrow. Supposed to be a 84 mile day, but we've already found a shortcut that will cut off a few miles. Still, that's a lot for us. We might look into a little hitch hiking. I'll hide in the bushes and send the fetching Martha out to snag a ride. Wisconsin is my favorite state so far. It is so green and lush here. Picture postcard pretty. There are many, many cow palaces along the way. That's why it's America's DairyLand!! Cows do seem to create lots of waste. There are mountains of it. Didn't take a picture. You can use your imagination. On an unfortunate note, Martha discovered through FB that the tandem guys, Zach and Parker, riding for the YMCA, that we met on the road a few days ago had a wreck involving an auto a couple of days after we saw them. Their bike was destroyed and Zach has a separated shoulder. Undeterred, they say they'll continue their fundraising trek for the Y as best they can and are still determined to make Bar Harbor, MA. Ah, to be young again. Heal fast and best wishes to our road warrior friends.
A drive-in theatre out in the middle of nowhere. There were actually two screens in the development.

The wind roaring in your ears all day becomes very fatiguing. This is a trick that I first learned from golfing in windy conditions. The plugs let you hear pretty much everything, but eliminate that wind roar. It makes a surprising difference.

Another gigantic cabbage field.

A little friend we met this a.m.

Yard art with a cycling theme. They might be onto something.

More evidence of the wind.

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