Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 3 - Row, Row, Row your Boat

Thursday - June 6, 2013 - Shepherdstown, WV to Hancock, MD - 55 miles

Larry - Well, the fab weather couldn't last forever, but more than just two days would have been nice. A day long rain today, maybe tomorrow, too. The trail was more of a creek than a road, but Barney and Martha did just fine. A warm shower at the end of the day was, as ever, so nice.  

A generous fisherman we met. He gave us his catch (an Atlantic eel). Martha immediately dressed it and cooked it for our lunch over an open fire, together with some fava beans she had picked along the trail and a nice little Chianti she had stashed in the panniers.

Father and daughter, Greg and Erica. First tandem we've met on the trail.

A lucky guy! If Martha hadn't already done the eel, it would have been turtle stew for lunch!


  1. Hi Guys! I hope you both are well. All is well in the Boro including the weather. I am wishing the good riding weather to you too. That is too funny that you ran into some folk from Murfreesboro already. It IS a small world.

    Rode Tuesday night with the samo crew. Everyone says hello and we miss you already. Planning on going to the Friday night concert on the square and the farmers market tomorrow. Hopefully mtn bike riding Sunday. We shall see. Take care. steve

  2. I can NOT believe you ate that EEL!!! and thinking about that turtle??? I'm glad y'all are adventurous and willing to take risks. I'll get my fill of risks thru you two! Thanks for sharing!

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