Thursday, June 6, 2013

Days 1 and 2

Martha - Alexandria, VA to Shepherdstown, VW - 95 miles
What a great ride it's been so far.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and Barney is running smooth.  We started Tuesday morning, not as early as we'd have liked, but managed to fit in some additional sight seeing in DC.
The Washington Memorial from the tidal basin

The Jefferson Memorial

Ran into a group from Murfreesboro, TN while at the Jefferson Memorial.  It was a choir trip from First United Methodist Church.  What a small world!  That MT cap Larry wears was recognized by one of the chaperones.

We found this sign which was a perfect place for a picture of Barney.

Spent our first night in Leesburg, VA at the Norris House Inn run by English innkeepers, Carol and Roger.  It's a beautiful inn in a 1820 house located in the historic district.

The C&O canal towpath has been great.  We've met several groups of touring bikers along the way.  Larry's found a retirement job...wants to be a towpath volunteer for the National Park Service.  They ride their bikes on the towpath.  Think we can find that gig in Murfreesboro?  Below are some of my favorite pictures from our first two days.
The trail looks like a tunnel of trees

Larry on the General Jubal Early Ferry to Leesburg, VA

Beanie Bax hitching a ride on the Monacacy Aquaduct

Checking emails in Brunswick, MD at the Beans in the Belfry restaurant

Here we are at the start of the Big Ride
Thanks to all the folks who are leaving us messages and "likes" on FB.  Larry is also journaling on the website "".   Search "journals" for Larry Tolbert.


  1. Interesting! Thanks for sharing! Y'all are toooo tuff! Susan B

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  3. Glad you guys are having a good time. Keeping watch over your house. It's in great shape. Have lots of fun.