Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 28 - A Big Mileage Day - And We Did Just Fine !!: Shawano, WI to Crandon, WI

In order to continue our string of motel stays, today's 'jump' had to be 82 miles. A little further than we consider ideal, but that's how the jumps work. To have 'sheets and showers', we thought it was well worth the effort.

We both started to have a little sinking spell around mile 50 which was somewhat concerning. But at about that time the temp cooled down, we got just a dash of rain and the terrain flattened out. We got our second wind and had Barney prancin' the last 25 miles into our ever so well earned motel.  
Martha's always wanted to be tall, and now she is!

'The girls' chowing down after the a.m. milking. These parlors are everywhere.

A cow palace on a Wisconsin hill.

Barney's snuggling with his new BFF.

They're really proud of their very modest (by TN standards) watermelons here in the great state of Wisconsin.   I thought he took this picture for Brenda LeBlanc, who LOVES watermelon!
We did have a fabulous lunch at this market in Mattoon.  And got talking with a local guy who gave us some recommendations on the route.  He drew a map and it was great!  Saved us about 3 miles and some bad roads!  Thanks Alan!
Today's final tally - and Martha was still smiling!
Yes, I was pretty excited.  This day was nothing like the day into Howell, MI!

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  1. I can agree that "sheets and showers" are usually a priority for me also! Glad you made it.