Monday, June 17, 2013

Days 13 & 14 - Sunny Weather, Flat Ground - This is Great!!: Girard, PA to Geneva on the Lake, OH to Cleveland, OH

No internet last night. Catching up today.

40 miles on Sunday into Geneva on the Lake, OH. A big storm system was blowing in from the west. Dark, angry clouds, but no rain. Fought 20 mph + winds all day. As soon as we arrived, the sun popped out and the wind stopped. Oh well.  Geneva on the Lake must be the redneck Riviera for the state of OH. Kind of like a mini-Gatlinburg. Lots of lowbrow everything.  Did 60 miles into Cleveland today. Got an early start and checked into our downtown Cleveland hotel at 2 pm! Martha just gets stronger and stronger. She's a stoking' monster!!  Staying right across the street from Progressive Park, where the Indians play. They're in town and hosting Martha's hometown team, the K.C. Royals. Going to the game and having a hot dog for supper.
Dinner is served!

Ohio - our 5th state.

Lake Erie.  Dark clouds and white caps.

Who knew?

Another interesting dinner choice.

The USAF Thunderbirds invited Martha for a ride. She declined, saying she was used to going really fast on Barney.

The USS Cod, a WWII era sub on display at the Cleveland marina.

Martha's hungry again and looking for the sandwich shop.


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  1. Y'all are having way too much fun!!! Lots of good sights and exercise. Martha looks like she's losing weight. I hope you find lots of good eating places, Martha! nuff of those eels!!! Be safe!