Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 22 - A Day to Meet Fellow Adventurers!: Clare, MI to LeRoy, MI

We really hadn't met any other cross country cyclists - until today.

We passed the 1,000 mile mark just after the start of today's ride. About a mile later, we met Fred. Fred's a minister. He was just a few hours from completing a 2,500 mile ride from Everett, WA to Flint, MI. He hadn't seen his wife in 6 weeks and was really looking forward to a reunion. He gave us a few tips on what to expect on the road ahead. Later we came upon Zach and Parker. They're friends riding for a cause (the YMCA) from Duluth, MN to Brunswick, MA on a tandem (same brand as Barney - they're probably first cousins)! There was also another rider with the tandem guys (sorry, didn't get his name) on a trans-Michigan ride. Just a couple of miles after Zach and Parker, we were humbled to meet the cycling Mentzers. A cycling group consisting of mom, dad, three children (ages 3,4 and 7) and grandma. Daddy was pulling a kid-back and a trailer. Momma was likewise. And grandma was (just) pulling a trailer with all their camping supplies! What a crew. It made us feel that what we're doing is just a walk in the park. Mentzers! We salute you!!

The first thousand. One down. Three to go.

Fred. Finishing up a 2,500 mile trip from Everett, WA. Nice guy. Stay safe.

Zack and Parker. Pedaling for a Cause (their local 'Y'). A strong looking team -- and they're camping.

Sorry, didn't get his name. He was doing a trans-Michigan ride and was kinda hanging with the tandem guys.

The real deal. Nathan and Fay Mentzer with their three children, ages 3,4 and 7. Riding about 25 miles every other day and camping!

Here's grandma Mentzer with a Bob Trailer hauling all the camping gear. What a wonderful family!

I usually just post the same thing that Larry posts on "Crazy Guy on a Bike", but today I just have to add a little bit of my own touch to his great blog.  It was so exciting to meet these other folks today on the road.  I've heard so many people tell us that while they admire what we are doing, they pretty much think we are crazy.  Today, meeting others who are doing what we are doing, gave me such a huge boost!  They are all as excited as we are about traveling this beautiful country on the back roads on their bikes.  They all have fun stories to tell and there is a kindred spirit that connects us.  And I'm with Larry about the Mentzer family!  Wow!  Next time I try to pull that princess routine, he's going to remind me that I'm not camping with 3 children under the age of 10.  I'm not even sure I could handle that with the comforts of home.  But what a fabulous experience they are having as a family.  So Stay Calm and Ride On!  Love Larry for taking me on such a fabulous adventure!


  1. I really admire you for your tenacity! I would've expected a bit of exhaustion after 1000 miles, but you two seem to really enjoy all those miles!!! I'm impressed! Thank the LORD for all those endorphins your bodies are expressing, and all those extra, super, oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Be safe and thanks for taking the time to post! I enjoy reading it and seeing all those pictures!

  2. Hey, Guys! I'm glad to know you finally found some kindred spirits along your route. One of the best things about traveling like this is the people you encounter along the way. God has made a wonderful world for us to be in awe of (if we will just get off the super slab to see it)! My comfort level is better from the convertible, not a bike, but there are no words for the view...and the memories. I can't wait to read your blog and see your pics in Glacier (maybe my new favorite national park!). Going to the Sun Road should be open all the way through by now (hopefully).