Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 20 - Downhill with a Tailwind!! We Could Get Used to This!!: Howell, MI to Saginaw, MI

Wow. What a difference a rest day makes. We planned up a good route out of Howell to Saginaw. Paved roads, low traffic count. Being Sunday morning didn't hurt either. And then, we drew a great tailwind. Averaged almost 16 mph! Did our 60 miles in a shade less than 4 hours. Checked in at the motel at 12:30. Life is good.

Had so much time on our hands this afternoon that we decided to see a Sunday Matinee at a real movie theatre. Saw 'World War Z'. We probably will have bad dreams featuring zombies tonight. Almost as bad as dreaming of Cannon County chasin' dogs. Yeah, those mutts are way worse than any ole zombie. We'll be getting back on the ACA route after about 20 miles tomorrow. Looking forward to the confidence that the ACA maps give us. Thanks again ACA.

Martha and Barney taking a little break. Notice that Barney is now carrying extra panniers/etc with all our camping stuff.

Martha's all loaded up and ready for the movie. Watch out for those zombies!!

A zombie seagull waiting outside the theatre for stray popcorn kernels (and the unwary).

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