Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 11 - It Just Keeps Getting Better!: Mercer, PA to Meadville, PA

Our best day yet. The weather was great. Started out cloudy and kinda cool. Martha wore her rain jacket most of the day to stay warm. The sun finally popped out around lunch time and the rest of the day was warm and pleasant.

The terrain has also calmed down. No walking today. Good bike roads and low volume, slow moving country traffic. Just right!  There's a hot air balloon festival going on here, centered at the local college, Allegheny College. We're staying just out of town. May call a cab and go into town to check out the fest and supper.   Had to do a little trail blazin' to find the best roads today and some MacGyverin' on Barney. The shoes are still stinky and are now in solitary confinement.

These kinds of signs are just suggestions.

We made it.  Bunny hopped that sucker.

Lost the cotter pin for the brake pad.  MacGyver could do no better.

The stinky shoes going into solitary confinement.

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