Monday, June 10, 2013

A Sunday Miracle! Barney's Gallopin': Rockwood, PA to Connellsville, PA

We left Rockwood extra early (6 a.m.) and had church on the trail in the tunnel of trees. So quiet and serene. God was there. Martha offered a sweet little homily.

Our first stop was Confluence, PA. Met bike shop owner Brad opening his place at 7:30 on a Sunday morning. He looked at Barney's lame leg and immediately knew what to do. Sent us next door to the Sister's Café for a delicious breakfast while he got busy. When we got done, so was he. A mountain style derailleur was all that Barney was needing. Now he's good as new and ready to gallop. Stopped for ice cream and checkers in Ohiopyle, PA. A happenin' place. Whitewater folks, bikers, hikers, day trippers and dogs. Something for everyone.  Got to Connellsville and our very nice B&B at 2 pm (in time for a nap!). Our best day so far. Tomorrow is the last of the trail and places we've already seen. More, big, adventure soon.

Brad - the man who made Barney whole.

At the falls in Ohiopyle.  Heading for the ice cream.

Martha after getting drilled at checkers.

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  1. Such a sad face Martha...remember its only a game. Try harder! Glad to hear that Barney is up to his old self and you guys are having so much fun. You have certainly met some good friends!!! I cant believe all the bike shops that are open when you need them to be. So lucky....