Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 19 - A Well Deserved Rest Day: Just Chillin' in Howell, MI

After 18 consecutive riding days (and an extra tough day yesterday), we decided it was time for a day off. Good decision.

Staying at the HI Express. Extra nice people here.  Met up with Dawn. She's the daughter of our good bike buddy Jennifer. We had supper together at the Tomato Bros Restaurant where we met the wife of yesterday's Trail Angel, Pat Wright. Eileen Wright is a waitress at the Tomato. Small world. Disappointed that Maddie, Dawn's daughter, age 2 1/2, was at the lake with her dad/Dawn's husband this week-end and we didn't get to meet her.  We also retrieved the camping gear we shipped from New Castle, PA to Dawn about 10 days ago. Martha and I went through all our gear and managed to cut out another 10 lbs of stuff we think we can do without. Left it with Dawn. Jennifer will get it when she comes to visit later this summer.Martha worked very hard this a.m. with her route planning for the next 6 or 7 days and feels very confident that we won't be needing that camping gear for at least several more days. Good. Good. We depart extra early tomorrow a.m. for Saginaw, MI. Expect to have our 60 miles in by lunch time and miss the 90 degree heat that has just gotten started in this area. Won't be many more days until we get to Luddington and our ferry ride on the S.S. Badger across Lake Michigan.

Martha goofin' around at the mall on her rest day.

Dawn. Trail Angel, Howell, MI resident and daughter of our M'boro bike buddy Jennifer D. Had dinner with Dawn. Enjoyed pictures of her daughter, Maddie. Thanks again, Dawn, for keeping our stuff. We so appreciate your help.

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