Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day 4 - Barney's Hurt (in surgery now) !!: Hancock, MD to Cumberland, MD

A long day with lots of mud. Just as we finally arrived in Cumberland and were powering up the last hill to our B&B, we completely ripped off the front derailleur! But God provides. A bike shop was just around the corner!
It was almost seven o'clock, but the shop was still open. The shop owner, Hutch (no sign of Starsky and that smokin' hot Torino), was extra, extra kind and is working on Barney as I write this. More later.   
The Uniform of the Day
Bill's Place in Little Orleans.  The ceiling in papered in dollar bills.

Martha was a little stressed about the 3,800 foot Paw Paw Tunnel.
Lunch on the trail.  Martha did surprise me with Bananas Foster for dessert.
Saturday a.m.: Barney is out of surgery, but is not quite himself. Hutch and his new derailleur could only get two (out of three) chainrings to shift (albeit the two most important ones - granny and middle). So, no high end, for now, for Barney.  
Bike shop hero Hutch
Hutch's bikeshop side kick.  Is that you Starsky?

The old derailleur.

Bike lore.

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