Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 26 - Wisconsin! Cheeseheads! Headwinds!: Manitowoc, WI to Kaukauna, WI

Although Wisconsin is our seventh state in the current tour, it is the first 'new' state for me. I think I'm up to around 30 states in which I have ridden.

Wisconsin where we're riding is beautiful gently rolling farmland. As one would expect, we see lots of dairies. Also many fields of row crops. Today the wind made for a challenge. It was right out of the north at a sustained 15 mph. Of course, we were riding in a northerly direction almost all day.  The homes and farms in this area are so well kept. The fields seem weed free and every farm house is meticulously landscaped and pin neat. We are really enjoying America's Dairy Land. Tomorrow we continue northward to Shawano, WI. We're hoping it was just a passing front with those winds today. The terrain is bike friendly.

The TdeF started today (and what a day it was!). We let Barney look at some of the live coverage before departing this a.m. Them racin' boys got Barney all fired up. We had to rein him in a little the first few miles for fear he would hurt himself.

The temps today were great. This was taken late morning.

Wisconsin countryside. Martha's holding Barney's halter as Larry returns from a nature break.

Brave Barney. He was prepared to make a solo suicide mission into Z (Zombie) County! We talked him out of it because he is too important to national security. Thanks anyway Barney.

Check out that wind!

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