Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 12 - Left Late Arrived Early - Life is Good: Meadville, PA to Girard, PA

Beautiful sunshine and gentle westerly winds were the order of the day. The terrain offered only mild rollers and Barney was agallopin'. Because of the jumps for overnight accommodations, we did just 30 easy miles and are staying at the Green Roof Inn. It's way out in the country and is just wonderful. Martha's doing a great job with the naviguessing and motel reservation making. Tomorrow will be a big day - 68 miles, which will take us into Cleveland.

Spending our last night in PA. Tomorrow we sleep in our fifth state - Ohio.

Martha misses her dog, but got a little puppy fix when she met Angel. Angel wasn't too sure at first, but was handing out lots of kisses before it was over.

A $5 MaryJo in Crossingville haircut. And you say, "BUT WHY??!!"

See? I got the kids' cut rate!

Stinky shoes on the door step for an afternoon of sunning. Maybe better tomorrow?

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