Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 16 - Another Day in Paradise!! And a Bike Race !!: Milan, OH to Oregon, OH

Sunshine, low humidity and tailwinds. Life is good. Did I mention the roads are flat?

The landscape has changed from urban lakeshore to vast farmlands. It's like southern Illinois. Corn, soybeans, wheat.

'Laannd spreadin' out so far and wide...'
Larry loves when I sing and today I did the theme song to Green Acres.

Jan from Fremont.  We met Jan on the rail trail.  A real rider and conversationalist.

We stopped at a cycle shop in Elmore, OH.  Ended up taking a test ride on a Terra Trike tandem. Martha captained. Here's a stoker's eye view.
This was so fun for me!  I've never captained before....always the stoker.

Tall Mike and short Martha. Mike is the owner of Elmore Cycle in Elmore. A really, really nice and helpful guy.

Martha with her first place trophy. There was a women's only bike race getting ready to start while we were in Elmore. On a whim, Martha decided to enter. She had only Barney for a bike. She had to ride from her regular stoker's seat because she's too short to reach the pedals on the captain's saddle. It was a flat course, so we just set the gear we thought would be best (since she can't reach the shifters from back there). The other racers did seem a little intimidated when they noticed that Martha was riding no hands and no brakes. It came down to a desperate field sprint which Martha and Barney won by a nose. What a women!!
Larry makes me laugh!

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