Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 5 - Barney's limping - Cumberland, MD to Rockwood, PA

With Barney's problems, we got a very late start - 1 p.m.! The day started out with a little 24 mile climb up to the eastern continental divide. We could only manage 7 mph on the climb. You can do the math. We did meet the steam locomotive powered train that had earlier carried a few dozens of bikers from Cumberland up to Frostburg, MD so they could COAST back to Cumberland
The train on its way back after dropping off The Coasters (not the singing group of old)
We finally got to The Divide!!
Super Martha after a 24-mile climb.
About to conduct scientific experiment about waters falling east of the Divide going to the Atlantic and west going to the Mississippi.


We passed into a new state (our fourth)! And got some great views.
Hello PA!

Up high, looking back from where we came.
It was another 20 miles for two tired riders to get to our destination in Rockwood, but we made it.

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