Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 25 - We've Got It! BADGER FEVER !!!: Ludington, MI to Manitowoc, WI

What a day! We made the jump into our 7th state (Wisconsin) with the help of our new BFF - The S.S. Badger.

The Badger is a carferry that has been in essentially continuous service since 1952. It's a great story. Look it up on Google/etc. We started out in a light fog that made our jackets feel good. The Badger has every amenity for its 4 hour crossing of Lake Michigan. Old folks us, we just napped and sat on the boat deck to enjoy the viewscape. The clouds started to part midway across and we arrived in Manitowoc in glorious sunshine.  Stopped by the local bike shop for a squirt of air and tips on places to eat and things to do for the afternoon. Heavy Pedal Bike Shop, Manitowoc was ever so nice on all counts. Thanks Guys!  Also spent time visiting with a local newspaper writer, also a cyclist, who gave us lots of great information about Manitowoc and it's history. We're back on Central Time. We'll like that. Feels more like home. Heading out tomorrow for Kaukauna, WI. They say Wisconsin is really flat. We'll find out. And the wind? They had a tremendous hail storm yesterday afternoon in downtown Manitowoc. The trees were nearly stripped naked of their leaves. It looked like fall with all the leaves on the ground.   
Barney patiently waiting to board. The Badger looms in the mist.

The Badger awaits final loading. It was built to haul train cars. Big semi-tractor trucks and their trailers are easily swallowed by the Badger. Barney stayed under the stairs and out of harm's way.

A saucy Martha checking out a sailing cap. Brenda Hall clearly didn't teach me to salute like that!  But then I did have a refrigerator magnet in my hand.

From the fantail. We learned very quickly that the fantail of a coal powered steamer is not the place to be unless you like gritty coal dust in your hair and everywhere else.

We moved to the bow. I couldn't get Martha to lean over the front and shout "I'm king of the world!!"

On the boat deck in the sunshine.

A final shot of the Badger in sunlight. She's loading up in Manitowoc, WI for the afternoon voyage back to Luddington, MI. Farewell old friend.

Haircut for Martha at the WalMart in Ludington. Thanks Terri!!  Marty, I'll be back in August!  

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