Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 21 - What Goes Around Comes Around. A Hot, Uphill, Headwind Day.: Saginaw, MI to Clare, MI

It was a challenging day. Pretty much the polar opposite of yesterday. We rode the same mileage as yesterday, only it took us a full hour longer of seat time and probably 2 and a half hours longer, total.
It has finally gotten hot - upper 80s - and that took its toll. Plus, the day was all uphill, albeit slight, and that headwind. You earned every pedal stroke. No coasting today. Barely managed a 12 mph average for the day. Finished up with both of us pretty tired. A good shower and supper has made it all better. Still, early to bed tonight.  Heading to Leroy, MI tomorrow. Just a fifty mile day. Almost like a day off.
A 100 acre (of what turned out to be) radish field. Martha scolded me for 'vandalizing' the farmer's field for pulling a single plant to confirm they were, in fact, radishes. I am so bad. So sorry, Mr. Farmer.

Big Boy giving Barney the eye.

A children's water attraction in Midland, MI. It was hot. The water looked great. But for fear of being some kind of child predator suspect, Larry would have jumped right in.

Trail Angel Jerry Smith from Midland, MI. Met Jerry on the Pere Marquette rail trail. Jerry had ridden 50 miles from home the day before to visit a friend and was on his return back home. Jerry knows bikes and touring. A delight to talk to. We were fading a little when we met Jerry. After a 30 minute yakfest, Jerry had us ready to finish the last 10 miles into Clare, MI. Thanks Jerr!!

The Pere Marquette Rail Trail. 32 miles long. One of the best we've been on. Our mistake was we rode it uphill against the wind. We should have been going south! Duh.

For bike friends Lynn and Al. Met this guy at supper on his BMW. He's going from Ashville, N.C. to Prudhoe Bay, AK. Impressive.

Big Boy was out of strawberry pie in Midland (and its Strawberry Fest!!), but put a powerful craving on me. Another Big Boy is right next door to our motel here in Clare. Larry got his pie. It was delish!

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  1. Y'all are tuff! How many miles are you driving a day? You make me miss riding. I broke my bike so I ride "vicariously" thru you two. Sounds like you've had wonderful's been very hot and humid in Mboro...mid-80's to 90's, and you know the Mid TN humidity! I admire you two for your tenacity! Keep safe and thanks for posting!