Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 15 - Cleveland, OH to Milan, OH: A tailwind! Barney was flyin'!!

Beautiful weather. Came out of Cleveland with absolutely no problems thanks to all-star naviguesser Martha. Rode miles and miles of neighborhood roads featuring mcmansions along Lake Erie. Very pretty. Their landscaping was spectacular.

Enjoyed a tailwind for the entire day. Once we got out of Cleveland, probably averaged 15-16 mph for the rest of the day. Barney is finally his old self. We'd had a problem of him throwing the timing chain. We must have reset it a dozen times until we got to a bike shop with the right tool to make the necessary adjustment. They didn't have the tool I needed on sale, but the shop owner graciously sold me his personal shop model. Thank you. If that issue starts again, I'm prepared.  Had a wonderful lunch in Vermillion, OH at Main Street Soda Grill. Set up like an old timey ice cream parlor with lots of antique stuff on display. Very nice and the sandwiches and milkshakes were to die for.  A big day coming up tomorrow. Expecting about 65 miles. Staying near Toledo, OH. We'll be in Howell, Michigan a couple of days after that to reunite with our camping gear that we shipped ahead from New Castle, PA. We'll see how the 'jumps' go. That stuff could get shipped again. Barney likes being a race horse better than a pack horse.  
The specialty tool needed to adjust the tension on the timing chain. A tandem exclusive.

A prop salvaged from a Lake Erie wreck. We left the shoreline of the lake today. We won't be seeing it again. It had been our constant companion for the last 3 days.

A great lunch in Vermillion, OH. In fairness to Martha, one of those shakes is mine.

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  1. Oh, wow - Mike and I loved Vermillion! You know we didn't pass up a lighthouse. I thought that the soda grill was the place that we ate as well, but the pic doesn't look familiar. It must have been another great place to eat. I love that town!