Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 36 - Rest Day !!: A Day at the Mall of American Conspicuous Consumption

We enjoyed a well deserved rest day today. Slept late and then went shopping and took in a movie (the best one yet - Despicable Me 2).

As we were having our late breakfast we could hear the rain drumming on the roof. It would have been just about 1 hour into the day's ride - had we been riding. Providential? Thank You all the same. After the storms passed, the sun reappeared and it became a beautiful day. We'll be back on the road tomorrow and perhaps some news about a little change we've cooked up.

We finally found the cheesehead hat we'd been looking for all over Wisconsin - in Minnesota.

At the Mall of American Conspicuous Consumption.


  1. You guys better be going through South Dakota!! There is to much to see (aka no trees, field after field of grass blowing in the wind) oh, and the Bad Lands, Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, Hot Springs (Evans Plunge indoor pool and Mineral bath!) I remember it like it was yesterday..... Wish I could be there again. Have Fun Phairabe and I are watching and wishing you the best of luck!!!!