Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 33 - We Could Barely Stand It !!: Hayward, WI to Cumberland, WI

The Big News! We finally spotted a bear! Probably 200 lbs and just loping along in an open field parallel with our road. He must have run along side us for 200/300 yards. Finally, he crossed the road not 50 feet in front of us. This was in the middle of the day. Something must have spooked him from his early afternoon siesta. All the woodlands we've ridden through and we find our bear in a farm field. Still looking for my moose.

The weather continues to be great. Low 80s and a little overcast. Just enough wind to keep the bugs off. There must have been a big hatch of dragon flies. There are millions of them buzzing around. I think there may be some dragon fly mating going on as well. Don't look Martha!! The country has changed once again to big rolling farm land. We've slowed our pace a little bit and find that the miles now just melt by. We finish without any real fatigue, unlike when we tried to push and wound up just exhausting ourselves for no reason. Another touring lesson learned. Tomorrow will be our last day in Wisconsin. As mentioned, Wisconsin has been our favorite state, so far. We'll be in Minneapolis/St Paul on Monday. Hello Minnesota!  
Local art.

Gas seems kinda high back here in lake country.

Here's our bear buddy on the move.

Odd street names in the Great State of Wisconsin.

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  1. Enjoyed your post, guys! We're thinking of ya! Susan