Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 39 - On the Road to Glacier National Park: Missoula, MT to Kalispell, MT

We've still got the van for another couple of days. We're going into Glacier N.P. tomorrow and Wednesday. Going to do the Going to the Sun Road. Not sure yet if it's going to be in the van or on Barney (or a little of both). Time will tell (and we'll report tomorrow).
The big event today was a visit to the Adventure Cycling Association's headquarters in Missoula. Got a little tour of the place and our picture taken for their 'wall of pictures' depicting this year's visits from touring cyclists.We also did a short local ride in Missoula - just 20 miles - to give our cycling legs a reminder. Missoula is just saturated in bike culture. We had lunch at a downtown sidewalk café. There must have been over 200 cyclists to pass by in the course of our lunch going about their workaday business. There are 9 cycle shops in Missoula, a town of about 80 thousand. We were really impressed with the bike lanes/bike racks/etc that the town has installed. A lot of lessons could be learned by a lot of municipalities from Missoula.Come Thursday, we're returning the van and recommencing the cycling portion of our journey. There are some mighty big bumps between here and Anacortes, WA. That's okay. We think Barney may have a little mountain goat in him.

Our arrival at ACA Headquarters.

The door handles for entry into ACA. Neat.

We're inside ACA.

Me, in front of pictures of some of this year's cyclists that have stopped by ACA.

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