Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 35 - Minnesota: We Have Come!: Osceola, WI to Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

Another wonderful weather day that started out foggy and just 70 degrees before climbing into the upper 80s with some humidity. The locals think they're dying. We just laugh.

We may be taking a rest day or two here in the beautiful Twin Cities. There are lots of things to do (though the Twins are out of town), including several local bike paths that go on for miles. We rode the Gateway Trail for almost 16 miles as we came into town. The trail was well paved and tree shaded. It was a good trail - meaning it had a broken stripe down the middle to encourage users to stay to the right and omitted use of those dreaded center posts that are supposed to protect trail users from unauthorized vehicular use but really just present another dangerous hazard to be avoided. (I hope my hometown municipal greenway authorities are reading this.)

Martha loved the B&B where we stayed in Osceola (The St. Croix River Inn). They served us breakfast in our suite. YUM.

Cascade Falls in Osceola, WI.

We finally found MN in the first mile of today's ride.

Trail Angels Thomas and Phil. They were local day riders we ran into a couple of times today. Gave us some great local tips on places to ride.

Martha has enough air to turn the wind turbines!  (Really Larry??)

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