Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 34 - Our Final Day in the Wonderful State of Wisconsin: Cumberland, WI to Osceola, WI

Today was our final day in Wisconsin. We've been riding in WI since Friday a week ago after getting off the S.S.Badger (10days). It is a fond farewell as we have really enjoyed the roads here - although we've been riding big rollers for the last 4 or 5 days.

We're staying in Osceola, WI tonight in a very nice B & B (The St Croix River Inn) to give Martha a little well deserved pampering. The Inn overlooks the St Croix River which separates Wi and MN. Our room overlooks the river.  We had a fabulous dinner here at the Inn.  Enjoyed the company of a couple from MN here to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary.  I really needed some pampering and this was just the ticket!  I would love to stay another day! The weather was the hottest its been so far on our trip. It hit 90 degrees and the humidity came up as well. We could actually see perspiration on our arms. Of course, at home, we'd look like we were dipped in the river. Riding into Minneapolis/St Paul tomorrow. We're considering a rest day or two and maybe some other changes as well. Not certain right now. Will advise later.  
We ran into another cross country rider this a.m. The first one we've seen in several days after running into half a dozen in one day. This is Dave. He's ridden solo from San Francisco and heading to Long Island, NY. He's a camper. Said the mosquitoes were so bad last night that he just crawled into his tent, ate a power bar for supper and went to sleep. That made some of the more modest motels we've stayed in seem all the nicer.

Our new BFFs CeeCee and Hailey, business entrepreneurs. Stopped at their lemonade stand and enjoyed a very refreshing beverage. Thank you girls.

Self portrait from the road today.

Our room tonight overlooks the St Croix River. That's Minnesota in the background. MN will be our 8th state. We'll cross the St Croix first thing in the morning.

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