Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 43 - More Beautiful Country and Our Tenth State - Idaho! We Have Come!: Libby, MT to Clark Fork, ID

The weather is quite hot, but very different from what we're used to in the mid-south. Overnight temps fall into the low 50s, then rise into the high 80s/low 90s during the day. Up until about 10 a.m. it's almost cool feeling. Then the heat comes on strong. Even so, the humidity is so low that you hardly perspire, unlike at home when you're drenched in sweat walking from the house to the car. We like it. The weather forecast says more of the same for the next several days.
By shear happenchance we ran into a local pay ride today. The ride was sponsored out of Sand Point, ID and was styled CHaFE (Cycle Hard For Education). There must have been about 150 riders. They invited us to stop at one of their rest stops and stock up. The pumpkin bread with peanut butter on top was my favorite. Very, very nice ride sponsors and participants. The ride had two options - 80 miles or 150 miles. The riders out here are tough!  Another 60+ mile day tomorrow going into the big city of Priest River, ID. We're staying tonight in the one and only motel in Clark Fork, pop. 508.

Rest stop scene on the CHaFE ride. Thanks again for your hospitality!!

Just a friendly warning.

Idaho. State number 10. Idaho is only 65 miles wide on our route.

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