Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 37 - Oh No! We're Caught in a Space/Time Continuum Rift!!: St Paul, MN to Billings, MT

We filled up the flux capacitor with Mtn Dew and sugary snacks and made a hyper drive, warp speed jump all the way to Billings, MT yesterday.

Actually, we rented a car and sped through 3 states - MN, ND and MT.  We've had a wonderful time so far, but calculated that we'd have to pedal at least 60 miles a day for the rest of the trip to finish by our time deadline. Neither of us wanted to do that. So, we decided to skip through some of the less interesting parts of the route and get right to the good stuff.  We drove nearly 900 miles yesterday. Speeding down the interstate, we calculated that we were picking up a day's ride about every 45 minutes. With all the time we've now bought for ourselves, we're going to spend some of it today in Yellowstone N.P. Martha's never been there and we're too close to let a golden opportunity slip away.  After Yellowstone, we're probably driving another 200 miles or so to Missoula, MT where we'll drop the car and pedal another 1000 miles +/- through Glacier National and on to the coast. Our plans are still in flux, we could even do a southern route and finish in Portland, OR. Our trip motto is: Adapt and Improvise. We're making this up as we go. Martha (little Miss Planner) loves it?

Our rental car.


  1. WOW! Adapt and improvise - we love it! Good for you guys. Enjoy Yellowstone,

  2. That is some flux capacitor! Good to hear you're flying now! Have fun and thanks for sharing!

  3. Best way to deal with eastern Montana! Next best would have been to close your eyes while going through that boring state~!