Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 31 - The 4th of July on Tour - It Just Doesn't Get Any Better: Mercer, WI to Clam Lake, WI

Larry - This stretch of fabulous weather just goes on and on. Another mostly sunny day of mild temps and low humidity.

The roads were again cycling friendly and we did 57 easy miles. Our legs are feeling great again. Slowing down a little works wonders. We were all set to do the fireworks thing with the Clam Lake locals this p.m., but are informed that they're waiting until July 6 for the fireworks show. Sigh. Neverless, we will not be deterred. It's sparklers on the porch as soon as it gets sorta dark. Note: At this latitude, it doesn't really get dark until almost 10 p.m. That's way past our bedtime. Tomorrow will be a short day. Only about 40 miles. Heading to Hayward, WI. Maybe we'll get lucky and Hayward will be doing the 4th on the 5th!
New BFFs Jean and Maxine at the Butternut Heritage Museum.

Larry's secret of getting Martha to do hard things and think she's having fun.

Lately Martha has started stalking little birds. I've had to bell her.   

Barney is celebrating the 4th!


  1. After a busy June (3 trips out of town for me - David is a college grad!), I have finally caught up with you guys. Your adventures sound fantastic - I am envious. Glad everything is going well, and thank you for sharing with us. All is well in Riverviewland.

  2. Y'all are having too much fun! Good thing you're not riding around here. It's been raining hard for the past couple of days. Stones River has risen tremendously! The Thompson Lane Trailhead is closed...I think due to the flooded paths from the River. Thanks for taking time to share. I love reading your posts!!! God bless ya! Susan