Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 48 - Sherman Pass. It Just Went On and On. But We Did It !!: Kettle Falls, WA to Republic, WA

Today was a challenging day. We climbed Sherman Pass. A 22 mile climb. And the temp was over a 100 before the day was over.
We were getting tired and felt really glad to finally see the summit sign for Sherman Pass. After that, it was a 13 mile coast down to Republic, our destination.Tomorrow we'll have the 2nd of 5 successive passes - Wauconda. It won't be nearly as long and tough. Piece of cake.  
Martha. She's checking out the bronzed shoes marking an old CCC camp. She wears a size 4.5. Those boots look a little big for her.

Barney awaits our return while taking in some nice scenery.

Lunch break beside a babbling brook. Or was that Martha babbling?

New tour BFFs Cindy and Rupert. Met them on the Sherman Pass climb. They're experienced cycle tourists and thought the climb was hard. Made us feel better.

We'd been looking for that darn sign for 6 hours.

See? I told you it was hot.

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