Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 41 - Sing It Willie!!: ON THE ROAD AGAIN: White Fish, MT to Eureka, MT

After 10 days of car touring, we're back to doing what we came to do - riding our bike.
Barney was rested and raring to go. It was a relatively flat day, but a lot of miles on State Hwy 93 - a two lane road with no shoulder and a 70 mph speed limit. Traffic was heavy enough. I've seen worse. We're starting to see the big raw timber rigs that go roaring by at 80 mph. I've played that game before on another NW USA trip. Not much fun. We finally got on a nice back road for the last 15 miles, which helped calm our nerves. In fairness to ACA, there just aren't very many roads out here. Sometimes you just have to get on a less than ideal road to get to where you're going.Tomorrow we've got another 55+ mile day going into Libby, MT. After that it's the northern Cascade Mtns and some big climbs and big mileage days. We'll be fine. We just need the traffic to slow down a little.

Barney's stable for the last 10 days. We drove it a little over 2,000 miles.

Picturesque Montana scenery.

A pretty flower at the ranger station where we took a snack break.  

Martha and new BFF Judy. Judy was minding the store in Eureka, MT. It's a museum kind of place with lots of local Tobacco Valley, MT history.  For our friends in the Boro, it reminded us of Cannonsburg.

Barney is eyeing a new BFF. I think his name was Kermit.

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