Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 29 - A Little Sore, but We Stayed Calm and Rode On: Crandon, WI to Phelps, WI

Today was short (50 miles) in comparison to yesterday’s 82 miles, but we were still feeling some effects from yesterday’s effort.  Neither of us had much ‘snap’.  Fortunately, we met 4 guys from Chicago at breakfast who are on a 4 day ‘guys’ bike trip.  They are each strong riders.  They rode over 100 miles for each of the first 3 days and are finishing up today with ‘just’ a 75 miler.   

They have ridden this area before and were headed through the same little town (Phelps) where we are staying.  They gave us a couple of route tips that cut almost 15 miles off our day.  Those 15 miles were much appreciated.  

 The route was on some of the nicest roads we’ve seen, through woodlands and very remote.  We saw no commercial services of any kind for the entire 50 miles!  Makes us wonder what it will be like when we really get out west.

We’re staying tonight in a mom and pop motel (The Lakeview) in Phelps, WI.  Our view overlooks North Twin Lake.  It’s very beautiful.  Like most of the lakes around here, it is completely encircled by private homes and docks.  There is lots of fishing going on here in Phelps.  Quite hard for a southern boy to imagine all this water frozen in winter.  I love Wisconsin in the summer, but I doubt I’ll come visiting in the winter.

Unlike yesterday, we’ve had time to get in a nap today.  I can already tell that my legs are recovering and will be almost good as new tomorrow.  We’ll be to Minneapolis before the week is out.  We’ve been riding in a general northwesterly direction since getting off the Badger in Manitowoc.  Soon, Barney will point his nose due west and leave it there for 2,500 miles.

No WiFi at the Lakeview and cell service is sketchy.  The innkeeper  told us the local library has unrestricted WiFi that they leave on 24/7.  Our tipster says everybody drives into the parking lot and starts net surfing.  No need to even go into the building.   We’re going to walk over there and give it a try.  I’ve drafted this up from Office.  Going to do a cut and paste if we can make contact with the outside world from Phelps, WI.
This guy seemed like he was working on one of those barbed wire tattoos.

Wisconsin. Today's route. Blue skies, empty roads, beautiful scenery.

Barney checking out the mural in Phelps.

Today was the beginning of our fifth week on the road. Nary a cross word has been exchanged. We're still having a great time.
Our front porch view.
A sign of interest in Phelps, WI.

Just so you know.  A post in our room.

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