Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 52/53 - A Rest Day, Then We Conquer Washington and Rainy Passes: Mazama, WA to Marblemount, WA

We took a rest day yesterday in Mazama, WA. Martha was just a little off her feed and it worked better to take a day off.

Mazama consists of a country-all organic-store and our inn. It's out in the middle of nowhere. The inn serves breakfast and supper on Fri and Sat. Since it was neither Fri nor Sat, we had supper both nights consisting of cheese and crackers and a microwave burrito. Yum. Yum. Oh, and the store. Organic ain't cheap. We bought a couple of apples, some cheese, cereal, etc to get us through a couple of meals - it was $55 for groceries that didn't even half fill a small sack. Couldn't afford to shop in Mazama for long.

Today was our last big pass day. We did Washington Pass and Rainy Pass. The day was 75 miles and there were no services for the first 60 miles. We knew that going in and prepared accordingly, having a delicious picnic lunch shortly before we got to Diablo Lake. The first climb was to Washington Pass. Took us three and one-half hours to ride 17 miles. Rainy Pass is 5 miles down and one mile up after you go over Washington Pass. We both had a good day and felt strong, though we were both glad to see our inn finally appear.

We're staying in Clark's Skagit River Resort and RV park. It's sort of a throw back to the 40's. Very simple cabins/etc. There is a café on the grounds that served us a great supper. We'll be returning for, I'm sure, an equally delightful breakfast. The café is famous for their cinnamon rolls. We'll try those out first thing in the a.m.Another quirky/cute thing here are the rabbits. They have a herd of wild rabbits that have the run of the place. They're everywhere and looking for little hand-outs. Cute little guys of all colors and sizes. But they're wild, so no cuddling.

We met a couple from our hometown today! They are just a little younger than us. The story is they sold their home a couple of years ago, bought an RV and have been 'on tour' since. Made us a little envious.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) will be just a 45 mile day, and then Thursday will be about 30 miles for our finale into Anacortes, WA. The BIG RIDE is almost over. We can hardly believe it.

Sign at the bottom of our first climb this a.m.

Put the emphasis on 'Scenic'. Easily the prettiest pass we've done.

This guy waited until we were almost within arm's length before making his getaway.

This was a really, really steep part of the climb.

I told you it was pretty.

The obligatory Pass pic.

Yet another Pass pic.

Every new corner revealed yet another great view.

A delicious picnic lunch.

Martha, overlooking Diablo Lake.

Barney's new BIG BFF.


  1. Spectacular! Washington is a beautiful state! Mike and I hope to go back some day. That climb was crazy!

  2. Beautiful scenery!!! Thanks for sharing.