Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's ON!

Larry - Wow.  This is starting to feel real and that it's really going to happen.  I've talked about a transcon trip for 20 years.  More a fantasy than a true goal with little things like a job and bills to pay interfering with fun.  Finally decided I'm not getting any younger and before long I might not be physically able to enjoy the trip, so let's just do it.  Still a few important details with Martha's job to clear, but it looks like we'll be on our way by the 1st of May 2013.  That's only about 120 days!
     Since deciding back in the Fall that 2013 would be our year, we've done a ton of things to get ready and still lots to do.  I'll talk about some of those in later posts and also the route we're planning to take and lots more, too.  Martha and I have sort of divided the oncoming responsibilities.  She is really good with technology - the iPhone, the laptop, the GPS, so she's taking care of all the downloads/uploads/searches/reservations/etc.  I'm old school.  I'll have a paper map and a not-smart cell phone that you just talk on.  I'm also in charge of the bike and all the stuff that goes on the bike and keeping everything rolling and being prepared for anything that breaks - and security.  Again, I'll talk more about that stuff in upcoming posts.
     120 days will speed by.  I'm just a little nervous that it already seems so close.  As always, almost half the fun of an adventure ride is the anticipation and planning.  Well, we're having big fun with that.
     More later.
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