Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cheap Insurance

Larry - Since deciding last Fall that 2013 would be the BIG RIDE year, the BIG RIDE has become mine and Martha's prime subject of discussion. Hardly a day goes by without us talking about some facet of our oncoming adventure.
     Lately we've been on the topic of sleeping bags.  Although our plan is to motel/B&B each day, we know that the further west we go across Wisconsin, North Dakota and Montana, the more likely we'll have limited services.  Hence, we need to be prepared to camp!
      Camping in the great American West at those latitudes, even in late June, could see overnight temps in the low 40's! Maybe we better bring our winter weight sleeping bags? We're trying to keep our loaded weight down and hoping never to have to pull those bags and our tent out of their sacks. It's frustrating to carry a bunch of stuff that you hope to never use. That said, insurance is never free. On a given day, we may find out that hauling all that camping stuff was the best decision we ever made.
Not a sleeping bag, but Martha and Baxter in repose

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