Monday, January 7, 2013


Larry - And on the subject of camping, though not our intention, the more touring journals I read (and I've read a lot), the more likely it seems that camping will be an important part of the BIG RIDE.  Don't tell Martha I said that.
     Martha and I have each been backpackers.  We've got all the backpacking stuff, albeit unused for several years. 
     Time to get out tents for evaluation!  Sunday afternoon was relatively warm and sunny, so up went the tents.  See the accompanying photo.  We got the tents assembled and found both in good shape, except for very minor needs.  We decided Martha's tent (the gray one), being a little smaller, lighter and more efficient would best fit our needs.  Into the BIG RIDE staging box it goes, hoping never to be used for the duration of our 3,200 mile journey.
     Likewise we did a camp stove evaluation, finding Martha's propane burner preferable to my white gas rig.  Into the box it goes.  
     That box is already looking heavy (and we're just getting started).
We're taking the grey one on the right.

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