Friday, January 18, 2013

Bulldog Baxter

Larry - Many, many questions came up early on when we first started to get serious with THE BIG RIDE.  The usual suspects were, of course, can we make arrangements with work to be gone for two months plus?  Can we afford it?  Are we physically up to the challenge?  With aging parents, would it be okay to be gone that long?
     Overcoming the preceding questions, we ran into the toughest question of them all.  What will we do with Baxter?  Baxter is Martha's eight year old Olde English Bulldog.  He's a member of the family.  He and Martha are extra tight.  It's a mutual lovefest.  We were going nowhere until Martha was well satisfied that Baxter would be safe and have the best of care during our absence.
     To the rescue comes a cousin-in-law who is a genuine dog lover, who already knows Baxter and keeps a pretty good pack of 6 or 7 dogs that Baxter will get to live and play with and get back to his wolfen roots with.  (Say it again Martha, "My dog is just a dog, he's not a hairy baby").
     So, with Baxter in good hands, we'll be able to push off without any concerns for his welfare.
The LoveFest

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