Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring BRAT and a Calling Card !!

Larry - For the past many years the Parks Dept of the State of Tennessee, like many states, sponsors a bike event.  Here it's called the BRAT (Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee) and consists of a week long ride in the fall.  Beginning just last year, BRAT was expanded to include a two day spring event.  I've ridden several BRATs over the years.
     This year more than a dozen local riders registered to ride the Spring BRAT, which was held out of the Paris Landing State Park which itself is near the federal Land between the Lakes recreational area.  A beautiful and historic area of the State of Tennessee (and also southern Kentucky).  The first day was a little cool and breezy, but we did about 55 miles on some fairly challenging terrain where it was hard to find any flat places.  For the second day's ride, the weather was beautifully sunny with temps in the 50s.  Perfect.  We did 60 miles or so.  Rode the ferry across Lake Barkley.  Had to once again exercise forgiveness rather than permission mode with the ferry captain, but nobody died. 
                                                    Steve - The guy that helped me get in
                                                    trouble on the ferry.

     I was generally pleased with my level of fitness for mid-April, but did notice on Sunday when Martha and I did a little local ramble on the tandem that I was a little tired and my legs had no snap.  Martha and I have each found that at the start of a loaded tour, no matter how fit you are, the first three or four days are hard.  You wonder, "What's happened to me?  Can I do this?."  Then your body seems to magically adjust and everything gets easier and the miles start to fly by and melt away.

                                                   My touring single - A Waterford

                                   Me and BRAT buddies Kent and Keith waiting for the ferry.

     Martha ordered some calling cards with our blog address to give to friends and family here in town that are interested in following THE BIG RIDE and to give out to people we meet along the way.  Martha did her usual great design job.  Note the color of the card matches the color of the big bike.   Martha - Zazzle, Inc. deserves the credit.  Check them out!

     June 1 - our start day - is just five weeks from Saturday.  The big bike flies to our start point in just four weeks.  Mother's birthday party is May 19.  The Countdown is ON!!


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