Friday, February 8, 2013

Maps and More Maps

Larry -The ACA (Adventure Cycling Association) maps came the other day.  12 in all.  We're connecting about 5 different ACA routes into our route.  As you know, ACA makes maps customized for cyclists.  They've mapped over 40,000 miles of cyclist friendly roads across the country.  We've used their maps before and have always had a good experience.
     We spent most of a cold and snowy Saturday afternoon studying the maps, figuring where one route crosses another and what our total mileage will be.  We came up with 3,800 miles, give or take a few.  That will help us firm up some time allotments and give us an idea of the average number of daily miles we need to cover in order to get back home in time for Mother's 90th birthday party on July 21. Looks like THE BIG RIDE will push off on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 from the Washington Mounument in Washington, D.C., heading west to the Pacific Ocean near Anacortes, WA.
     THE BIG RIDE has long since taken over most of my quiet time thoughts.  Planning this, planning that.  Things for the bike.  Clothes.  Equipment.  And on and on.  But it's not a chore or burden, it's fun.  The trip, literally, of a lifetime.  A dream finally coming true.  And the best part is my best buddy will be there to share it with me.  Friends say I found a one in a million woman.  True.  A sporty woman who's done a lot of stuff  out of her comfort zone with me that got her hot, cold, wet, tired and sore sometimes, but took a lickin' and still comes back for more.  Friends say she must really love me.  Yeah, must be true.  (It's getting close to Valentine's)
Baxter knows Martha's got a Milkbone in her hand

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