Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catching up with Larry

Martha - I've not done a post since I set up the blog for our trip.  Larry's really gotten into it and enjoys writing about all the planning he's doing for us.  I've helped him with the uploads of some of his pictures, but that's the extent of my blogging.  He does such a good job with it too, that I don't think my posts will even compare!  He's already worked way harder than I have, so maybe I have a little guilt about that too. 

I've been focusing on work and figuring out how I can be gone for 11 weeks!  Plus it's just a really busy time for me at work right now.  I come home and want to do mindless things like play games such as Draw Something with my sister!  But, I've started thinking about clothes and shoes and packing.  Bike touring has totally changed the way I pack.  The first tour we did, I thought I was packing light, but there were things (mostly clothes) that I took and never wore or used.  When you are hauling all that stuff on the bike, you start to think twice about taking anything you WON'T use on the trip.  Since then I've cut back more and try to get clothes that I really like that can pack small, wash and dry quickly and travel well.  Layering is important and although I love shoes, I don't take more than my bike shoes and one other pair.  I have a small foot (women's size 4) so my shoes don't take much room!

Larry's had a lot of work done to the bike and we took it out for a club ride last weekend.  With all it's new parts and tires, it was like a brand new bike!  Had a great time and made me wish for some warmer temps so we can ride more.  Barney really is a great tandem and over the years has been tweaked just for me.  We'll be loading up Barney with the new panniers and all the camping equipment soon for a couple of shake down rides.

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