Friday, March 22, 2013

The Times – They are A’changin’ - B. Dylan

     Larry - A Change!  After some consternation about spring weather, we’ve decided to push back our BIG RIDE start date to June 1.  The more we studied how cold it can be out west even into late June, the more we knew we were tempting fate with a May 1 departure. 
     Of course, that still left the issue of Mother’s 90th birthday coming up in mid-July.  Mother, as ever, was so gracious and agreed to move her party up to late May.  
     So now we’re set to fly into D.C. on Saturday, June 1 and probably start pedaling the following Tuesday after a little sightseeing in the capital.  We’re still doing a few little bike tweaks and have yet to do a loaded shake-down ride.
     We have done a couple of out of town week-end rides in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Lost Creek, White County, Tn recently.  Hilly terrain in both places that made us appreciate some of those low gears I’ve been talking about.  We found a three mile climb into Spencer, Tn.  Almost hard to imagine that we’ll have climbs four times that length in a lot of places as we cross the Rockies!
     So the countdown, after a small reset, continues.  We fly ten weeks from Saturday!

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